Photos © 2013 by Melissa Findley | MELISSA-FINDLEY.COM


Well, now I’m home and finally have access to working internet I thought I would recap on Pow Wow Hawaii 2013. Although, I’m not really sure where to start - so i’ll start with this. Wow. 

I mean I always knew it was going to be good, but it exceed all my expectations in every single way. To witness from the inside, just how powerful art can be and how it can bring people from all over the world together is a privilege I wont forget. 

Waking up in paradise, everyday Steen and I would ride our bikes 45 minutes to the Industrial area known as Kaka’ako with two heavy bags full of my camera gear, laptop and tripod. We would start each day with a meal at Fresh Cafe (if you are ever on Oahu go here and have an Acai Bowl - Trust me on this, you wont regret it!) Then we would spend the day riding around to each wall location, talking to and capturing the best artists in the world doing what they love. Most days we would all go for dinner together or attend the various night events, before riding 45 minutes home through Waikiki beach to wake up and do it all over again. Steen and I loved every minute of it!

I’m not sure if you follow my main blog or not, but I’ve never hidden the fact that I am actually terribly shy and Pow Wow definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.. but you know what I found? I was around the industries best Artists, Street Artists, Media and Magazine representatives, Photographers etc and it wasnt all that scary! I met the most incredibly humble and talented people and I have come home feeling super inspired. 

The most important thing Pow Wow taught me - NO DREAM IS TOO BIG <3

*A massive massive thank you to Jeff Gress who is probably the most generous guy you will ever meet — Thank you for letting giving up your own bed and letting us crash at your house. Thank you to Pow Wow and every person we met there. It was amazing!!

*Thank you to Acclaim Magazine for using my photos in your Pow Wow 13 coverage. Really stoked!!